A&E Takes Stand Against Bigotry



7536149570_754a2581eaWe love it when powerful women stand up for what’s right, and A&E Networks President and CEO Nancy Dubuc did just that when she decided to suspend Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson this week after he made homophobic statements comparing homosexuality and bestiality in an interview with GQ Magazine. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, with Duck Dynasty currently holding the position of highest-rated reality TV show on air, but Dubuc and A&E Networks made the right decision and stood by LGBT people everywhere, despite backlash from the popular show’s millions of followers and potential financial loss. Now, the rest of the Duck Dynasty cast is questioning whether they will continue to do the show without Robertson. So far, A&E isn’t backing down.

Yet another reason why A&E made the right decision is Phil Robertson’s extreme anti-abortion position that only serves to fuel the continued attempts to restrict women’s rights in this country. Although it hasn’t received as much media attention as his latest espousing of bigoted rhetoric, Robertson’s anti-choice views became public recently when he made a misinformed anti-abortion rant in 2010 at a church in Virginia and it went viral. Said Robertson,

And we debate whether some woman has the right to tear you out of there a piece at a time? Come on! You have a god-given right to live, and of all places, inside your mother?

A&E has received an outpouring of criticism about the decision, especially after talk show host Sean Hannity gave out the numbers of Dubuc and A&E chairwoman Abbe Raven on the air Thursday. We want thank you Nancy Dubuc and A&E for taking a stand against hatred and bigotry, so please join us in sending our support and urging A&E to stand by their decision. You can email the company at aefeedback@aenetworks.com, or reach out by tweeting @AETV and liking them on facebook.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user mipmarkets via Creative Commons. Originally posted on the Ms Magazine Blog.

One thought on “A&E Takes Stand Against Bigotry

  1. If A&E CEO Nancy Dubuc is so principled then why is she still running Duck Dynasty marathons all Christmas??? And why are they still on the 2014 schedule??? If she was really principled she would have CANCELLED the show immediately!

    She is not principled at all, she is merely trying to straddle the fence…like a true coward…

    She has decided to appease a militant gay organization who decided that too much Jesus was being expressed all the while keeping that show on the air so she can make more money than the network has ever seen…

    More Americans CHOOSE to watch Duck Dynasty than any LGBT sensitive show could ever dream of…Faith and family is still the majority in this country and it seems your ilk can’t stomach that…

    It seems you are only pro-choice when you agree with the choice someone has made…

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